The Scrub Life is a healthcare apparel enterprise aimed at empowering healthcare workers by providing them with custom tailored work wear that looks stylish, feels like a second skin and helps them perform their best, all at an affordable price.

It started when Dr. Aditi Sarin, our co-founder a dentist by profession was looking for scrubs when the pandemic hit us. She looked hard both online and in person but could not source a single pair she was content with. The only option was to import it from other countries, nevertheless it was way too expensive for daily wear. That was an “Eureka!” moment for her. She brought this up with her husband and her brother in-law who were already running a textile business for more than 20 years and both of them agreed to join in.

So after working out for months on numerous fabrics, designs, tailoring and embroidery options we were able to finalise our range of scrubs and The Scrub Life was born. Our initial customers were mostly our friends and family who were excited to upgrade their work wear seeing our pictures and soon the news spread like wildfire and enabled us to set up our own centre . All of the staff which we then recruited had lost their jobs due to the pandemic are still a part of our TSL family.
Since we, the founders are an amalgamation of doctors and an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience n textile industry, our synergy enables us to achieve standards previously not set and redefine scrubs. We strive to notch up the scrub game from a mere ill fitting loose garment to a crisp, custom tailored, well fitted yet comfortable work wear with top notch embroidery work: to make you look and feel the best while you are at it. After all you deserve it.

Rahul Khilnani
Aditi Sarin
Hitesh Khilnani