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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Yes its absolutely comfortable and best look fabric It makes easier to access for work and allow complete stretching for movements Must try for all dentists 🦷 Thank u
— Dr Pradnya
Customer reviews
I am really really glad that I found "the scrub life" because I am very particular of what I wear and how it makes me look. I was skeptical at first to order scrubs online. I had a million questions will it look flattering, will it be the correct size, will the colour will come out to be exactly as shown but I am really happy with the purchase. They are comfortable, the material is soft and most importantly it makes me feel much more confident inside the ward and even outside the wards. I love the comfort so much that I carry the scrubs gracefully even post shift hours , while outing with my friends 🥰
— Dr. Arpita
Customer reviews
The scan my size feature of scrub life was quite impressive and hassle free and in today’s time to have a customized scrub without having the pain to measure yourself is just wonderful. It’s a great thing.
— Dr Ruchi Singh
Customer reviews
Starting the day with the superman pose ( read grey’s anatomy) and ending with the same feeling in my “ create your own scrub” scrub . Fabulously comfortable and perfect colour pop added to my clinic. Slayin 👍 I could easily clean and wipe off the dental cements , blood splatter, etc that would otherwise leave a stain . Got back to work soon after . Thanks
— Dr Meenakshi Prasad
Customer reviews
Quality of scrub is fantastic.4 way stretch is too comfortable to wear throughout the day.Material is also good. colour is not getting dull after many washes.
— Dr Uvaish Parmar
Customer reviews
Thank for your amazing scrubs and Apron. Have tried a couple of brands in the market, but nothing is even comparable to your 4way stretchable fabric. Feels so soft on the skin. Best part is, the fabric is completely wrinkle proof. Cannot spend a day at the clinic without your scrubs!! And to top it all excellent service from your communication team.
— Dr Kinjal
Customer reviews
Everything isn't perfect However your scrubs can be...Thank you for the awesome scrubs
— Dr Shibily Ibrahim
Customer reviews
Best scrubs available in India
Perfect combination of great fit n fabric..
Extremely comfortable..
In love with the joggers ❤️❤️
— Dr. Tanu Verma
Customer reviews
Still I remember my very first day in this new scrub . I felt really comfy n active . This scrub enhance my working skill . I found myself really confident . This scrub made me look really smart . Thank you The Scrub life for providing us this great scrub and your service is wonderful.
— Dr Vaishali Nora
Customer reviews
Thank you so much
And I love the fittings
The customised ones fit really well
Will surely buy more and recommend others too
— Dr. Reefa Naaz
Customer reviews
Thank you so much for such great scrubs. The fitting is perfect, quality of the fabric is awesome. Would like to order some more colours in the future and would like to recommend my colleagues too for your product.
— Dr Ashish
Customer reviews
“We usually order our scrubs from US for our clinic but couldn’t get my order this time. So after doing some research I
came across your page and thought I will give it a try. I must say the quality is as good as the
ones we order from US. Totally in love with my scrubs. Thanks”
— Dr S
Customer reviews
Hey, wore the scrub that I bought from you to my 30hour duty and it felt so comfortable throughout the time.
The quality is good, the fabric is great.
Really felt like appreciating in person.
— Dr. Pandya
Customer reviews
"It's not about the dress you wear, but it's about the life you lead in the dress" is the perfect balance of comfort, touch, style and fittings...Most of my working hours is in scrub, so i needed a touch of soft and comfy Co-ords and scrubs have made it easier to stay in them for long☺✌🏻... A big thanks to you and team
— Dr. Sneha Shitole
Customer reviews
" I would like to give the scrub life my sincere thanks. Their service right from the beginning is amazing. And talking about the scrubs quality, it feels so good to wear and it feels so comfortable in hectic 30 hr duties. Thankyou The Scrub Life❤️ "
— Dr. Mohit Sharma
Customer reviews
Scrubs are an essential part of our lives as most of us spend our max time in OTs or some other procedures. As a Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon, I look for aesthetics in everything and that is what made me notice the scrub life. Great quality and comfort. Kudos🥂
— Dr Anmol Chugh I Plastic Surgeon
Customer reviews
My third pair of Scrubs from The Scrub Life. I really appreciate the quality of the fabric and fit. Highly recommended for the medical professionals who are looking for a world class outfit. Looking forward to complete all shades of Scrubs from The Scrub Life
— Dr. Amit Mohan
Customer reviews
Unlike typical OT scrubs, these are different. Designed for you by you the most comfortable i have experienced.
— Dr Siddhesh Kapadia
Customer reviews
“We’re both
Veterinarians and we
really love your scrubs!
They fit so well and the
fabric is super stretchy
which is perfect when
you’re working with
animals of all sizes.”
— Dr. Sana Veterinarian
Customer reviews
Nothing like scrub life .. from PG to a clinician!!
— Dr. Sonali Harish
Customer reviews
The Scrub life gives you aesthetics with comfort. Best scrubs i have ever had !
— Dr Saquib Khawar

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